Mounted Image Frames

Our Mounted image frames are a Lightweight aluminium frame made with an innovation fabric tension extrusion for quick and easy Graphic installation. This range can be mounted in any format including as ceiling hanging details. These frames are provided with all the assembly accessories and mounting plates.

Available Sizes

Item Number Width Height Overall Size
IF410- 400mm 1000mm N/A
IF418- 400mm 1800mm N/A
IF420- 400mm 2000mm N/A
IF422- 400mm 2200mm N/A
IF610- 600mm 1000mm N/A
IF618- 600mm 1800mm N/A
IF620- 600mm 2000mm N/A
IF622- 600mm 2200mm N/A
IF810- 800mm 1000mm N/A
IF818- 800mm 1800mm N/A
IF820- 800mm 2000mm N/A
IF822- 800mm 2200mm N/A
IF1010- 1000mm 1000mm N/A
IF1018- 1000mm 1800mm N/A
IF1020- 1000mm 2000mm N/A
IF1022- 1000mm 2200mm N/A